Christmas in Recovery: The 12 Gifts of Sobriety

Real recovery is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself and your family.

While active addiction is all about loss – sobriety, stability, self-respect, and sanity—recovery promises wonderful gifts. If we are willing to work at our recovery, we are rewarded with real blessings .

The very first day of residential detox,  we are continuously reassured that it does not matter how much our addiction stolen from us, recovery IS possible, and life DOES get better.

This Christmas season, let us pause for reflection on and appreciation for all of the gifts that sobriety can bring into our lives.

Gift #1: Hope Replaces Despair

We believe that there IS a way out of active addiction.

Gift #2: Faith Replaces Doubt

We know that if we work our program of recovery, our lives WILL get better.

Gift #3: Courage Replaces Fear

We gain the strength to face our problems instead of running from them.

Gift #4: Clarity Replaces Confusion

Coming out of the foggy world of compulsive substance use, we get a better sense of ourselves and our lives.

Gift #5: Self-Respect Replaces Self-Contempt

We learn to love and value our own selves.

Gift #6: Self-Confidence Replaces Low Self-Esteem

We gain a greater appreciation of our strengths.

Gift #7: Empowerment Replaces Helplessness

We become capable of handling life’s challenges.

Gift #8: Respect Replaces Pity

Others start to believe in us again.

Gift #9: A Clean Conscience Replaces Guilt and Shame

Because we try to do what’s right, we aren’t burdened by regret for our actions.

Gift #10: True Relationships Replace Loneliness

We enjoy the love of people who really care about us.

Gift # 11: Purpose Replaces Chaos

Stronger and more secure in ourselves, we can live more productive lives.

Gift #12: Freedom Replaces Bondage

Best of all, when we aren’t controlled by our addictions, we can live the lives we deserve, becoming who we were always meant to be.

True freedom from active addiction means that we proudly proclaim our RIGHT to be healthy and happy. We have the RIGHT to have good things, positive relationships, contentment in the present, and hope future.

When we take time to acknowledge the gifts of sobriety and recovery, we reaffirm our own value. Even better, appreciating what we gain and re-gain helps support our continued sobriety, because we don’t want to lose it all again.

The holidays are a perfect time for new beginnings and personal renewal. So if you are struggling with any kind of substance use issues—alcoholism, illicit drug addiction, or the misuse of prescription medicationsChapman House Treatment Centers can help you regain your sobriety and your life.

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