Dry January in Orange County

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Dry January should be seen as the impetus to change people’s relationship with alcohol forever.”

~ Judi Ryh, Executive with the British Liver Trust

“Dry January” deserves a place among your New Year’s resolutions. Voluntarily giving up drinking for a month is the perfect way to examine your relationship with alcohol. And, if you find it too hard to temporarily give up booze, then perhaps you need professional help.

Dry January: An International Movement

“There were plenty of nights I’d promise myself I wouldn’t imbibe but end up indulging, or have four drinks instead of the planned one…These behaviors are red flags for problem drinking, and they’re alarmingly common.”

~ Joy Manning, Women’s Health

Originally, Dry January was part of a 2014 public awareness campaign promoted by Public Health England. But when the results were overwhelmingly positive, Dry January quickly became a global observance.

The benefits of Dry January include:

  • 82% of participants report a “sense of achievement”.
  • 79% save money.
  • 62% enjoy better sleep.
  • 62% have more energy.
  • 49% lose weight.
  • At a six-month follow-up, 72% had lower rates of “harmful” drinking.
  • 4% were still alcohol-free.
  • Liver fat, a precursor to liver disease and damage, decreased by 15%.

Dry January: The Bottom Line

“I don’t really see myself as a big drinker, but I was quite shocked to see just how much more I drink in the run up to Christmas. Drinks on nights out with work and friends, as well as a few when I’m at home, all start to add up.”

~ Charlotte Gowing, 38, Dry January participant

You can have a drinking problem and not even know it. What was once an occasional social indulgence  progresses and becomes a regular habit frequently punctuated with heavy or binge drinking. December means Christmas and New Year’s parties, and it is far too easy to cross the line and  over from drinking habit to drinking problem.

Dry January is your chance to test yourself, and if necessary, hit the reset button.

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