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Keeping Your Job While in Alcohol or Drug Rehab
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 75% of people with a...
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The Top Six Benefits of Sobriety in 2019
“I wouldn’t have been able to have access to myself or other people, or even...
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Why Do People Use Drugs?
This is a question that has confused and grieved family members for as long as...
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How Effective Is Drug Rehab?
Every person hoping to overcome an addiction eventually asks themselves – “Is drug rehab REALLY...
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Moving Past the Stigma of Addiction, Part 2
In Part 1, we examined the problem of social stigma during addiction. We also touched...
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Moving Past the Stigma of Addiction, Part 1
Many people struggling with an active addiction deny that they even have a problem because...
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Why California Needs More Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment
“The government is talking about treatment and medication-assisted treatment in a way that the government...
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Addiction: Men Versus Women
While research has shown that there are differences in how and why opioid addiction manifests...
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Amphetamines – The Biggest Drug Problem in California
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Did you know that amphetamines are the most-abused drugs in the state of California? Amphetamines...
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Drug Rehab in Orange County: Finding the Best Fit
Finding the right drug rehab can be confusing. Admitting that you have a substance abuse...
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