Prescription Drugs

The Abuse Potential Difference Between Immediate-Acting and Extended-Release Opioids
Depending upon the injury or condition, physicians routinely prescribe either immediate-acting or extended-release opioids for...
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Amphetamines – The Biggest Drug Problem in California
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Did you know that amphetamines are the most-abused drugs in the state of California? Amphetamines...
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Exciting News about Vivitrol
According to a brand-new study published  in The Lancet, a once-a-a-month injection of Vivitrol is...
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Anxiety and Addiction – the Close Connection
“… Research suggests that socially anxious people may be less likely to participate in group...
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California Women Face Unique Challenges During Recovery
“There is no single point in a woman’s life when a discussion of substance use...
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